Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Eyes Open

For a post that’s going to be about feeling a moment it hasn’t started well if we consider that ECG was a month ago and it’s been nearly two weeks since I went out with the camera. Anyway, I shall press on regardless...

This post starts with the picture below that I noticed on Facebook the other day.

Now that’s not entirely relevant to what I wanted to say, but it reminded me of a thought that I had one of the days at ECG back in the Easter holiday. I’m guessing very few people reading this know what ECG is. So, in short, ECG stands for Equipping, Calling, Going. It is a Christian conference that has been held in ‘Sunny’ (and it was this year, though the sea was still rather chilly) Scarborough for the last couple of years and Llandudno before that.

The thought that I had was along the lines of “How can a God love something so small?” By something, I mean me... A warning at this point, if you have low self esteem you may want to skip this bit. ...What I was pondering at the time was why would a God care about me, I’m a comparatively tiny spec on a comparatively tiny planet, next to a tiny star which is one of billions in a galaxy that is unimaginably small when you attempt to think about the size of the universe.

I’m not going to pretend to have an answer at this point, but I do have a suggestion. Sit back and relax for a minute, think of all the good things that have happened in the last few days, weeks or months. Now think of the series of different circumstances that led up to that. If you’re struggling then take a simple task like making a cup of coffee, first off you’re probably in a house, there’s a readily available water supply when you turn on the tap, you have a wonderful invention for heating water which does amazing things when you flick a switch, it uses electricity that’s created a number of miles away and then you mix the water it heats with coffee created half the world away. When you start to think about making a cup of coffee like that then it starts to put some things into perspective.

I took the camera to school with me a couple of weeks ago, thinking that I would take advantage of the bit of sunshine that we had. I discovered something on the way home and I thought it was fairly intriguing, with one eye shut I could see more than with both eyes open. I’ve put some of the photos below and you will probably notice that most of them are taken quite close to the subjects. Looking closely at things smaller than I am really opened up my mind, and seeing the colours of spring filled me with joy. I only mention the photos because without staring into the viewfinder on the camera then I wouldn’t have seen anywhere near as much as I did that day, I would have just walked home looking mainly at my feet. 

So there we go, one eye closed means two eyes opened.

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