Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Back to normal

Once again things have come up to prevent me from writing...

Hopefully everything is back to normal(ish) now so I can try and write a little more.

My first taste of university exams is done and seemed to go fairly well... phew.

Global Engineering Challenge week which I mentioned in my last post went fairly well, it was nice to do something a little different and I met some new people which is always good.
The project that we were working on was to 'design an affordable off-grid computer centre' for Codo village in East Timor. An interesting project although rather difficult as computers generally aren't affordable as well as the population of Codo not speaking English or having reliable electricity.
Our final design involved putting laptops into an old shipping container with some solar panels on the roof. Simple but effective. I would suggest having a quick look on google to see what some people have managed to do with shipping containers though, there are certainly some interesting projects.

40ft Clinic in a Can
I'll keep it short so that is it however I shall start writing my next post in a minute meaning that i can post it fairly soon, a bonus for everyone.