Saturday, 17 May 2014

Flight Sim

Hello Everybody,

Before I go rather quiet for a few weeks as I deal with the joy of exams, I thought I would try to get one more post out...

Firstly, thank you to everyone who is reading this as the view count on the blog has now reached over 4000 and for the first time ever there are consistent views on a daily basis :)

Secondly, the third round of the Red Bull Air Race is on tomorrow, Hannes Arch dominated qualifying today but I will be sure to post as soon as the catch up stream goes live.

Ok, so the actual reason for the post is that I'm sure my girlfriend is not the only one who wonders what enjoyment I get from Flight Sim. There are a few minor things and a few major reasons why I enjoy it, so here goes.

Some of the things are a simple as relaxing a little and simply not working but at the same time learning quite a lot. Other times there is a lot of work and learning involved (yes, you can learn on Flight Sim) but completing a challenging approach or a good arc is certainly rewarding.
Southend ILS
® Graham Haley

Shining Light
© Graham Haley
Firmly Attatched
© Graham Haley

Another thing is the social aspect of Flight Sim, many of my screenshots have other aircraft in, these are flown by other people who (in general) share a similar interest in aviation. I usually fly with a various group of people 2 or 3 times a week, we talk at the same time as flying, partly to prove that men can multitask but also to share stories, thoughts and experiences, but I think they would agree that we all have some fun. I think a lot of the fun comes from the world of aviation itself where people are respectful and professional, traits which have for the most part migrated to flight sim. Yes, we crash occasionally and our flying is not always brilliant but no one will tell you that you're crap. If you are pretty dire then there is always someone that will try to help, whether that be your flying, navigation, communication or all of it. A lot of the enjoyment comes from the shared experiences, whether that be flying through the Alps or Grand Canyon together, flying round the same navigation course or just cruising over the skies of the UK and Europe.

© Graham Haley

Duelling Helicopters
© Graham Haley
Cleared for Contact
© Graham Haley

Finally, where a lot of the enjoyment comes for me is the screenshots. As you may or may not know, when I have a reasonable camera I enjoy taking pictures, especially of aircraft. Flight Sim offers me the ability to take great air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air shots and it is something that many of us enjoy sharing with each other after a long evening of flying together. I have put a very small selection of my favourites in this post but I urge you all to go and look at my photobucket album (in full screen) so that you can see what I enjoy. 

Neon Fire
© Graham Haley
Warm and Wonderful
© Graham Haley
© Graham Haley

Again, thank you all for reading, please like subscribe and comment on both the blog and photos. For those with exams like me, good luck and I will be back in a few weeks.

Until then...
Graham Out.